Language and Culture in one place


Aracatu means a bright and steady weather day in Tupi-Guarani, Brazil's primary language. 

Our goal is that our student navigates on the language and culture with calm and easiness, with no obstacles in his/her learning or use in a daily basis.


Our Goals

Better integration of the foreigner to the Brazilian way of life, its usages and habits, explaining Brazil’s historical origins.

Perfect understanding of the behavior of the Brazilians in personal and professional relationships

Helping the foreigner to adapt into the new culture in a complete, conscious and faster way in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction in living and working in Brazil.

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Our Differential

Employment of linguistic games (NLP), allowing content's fast absorbing, with the complete use of the brain.

Proprietary methodology that adapts and suits the profile, learning characteristics and goals of the student.

Immediate use of the structures learned.

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Our Courses

At Instituto Aracatu, we understand that one cannot learn a language without understanding its culture.

Therefore, besides language classes, we offer Brazilian Culture and CELPE-BRAS preparatory courses.

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Our Property

Located in a quiet street at Itaim-Bibi, Instituto Aracatu is ready for you.


One cannot learn a language without understanding its culture.

  Iracema Guimarães - Founder


Flexibility and independence

All our courses are based in our methodology and can suit the student needs of dates and time.